CERN was very much in the news a couple years ago, and then we didn’t hear much more about it. It is my belief that it was planned that way. There are things going on that can’t escape media scrutiny, but after the huge coverage – the subject fades away.

That’s exactly as they want it. After the subject gets great coverage – then – it fades away AND PEOPLE FORGET ABOUT IT.

But some don’t forget. What was put into place within the past recent years – is still advancing its agenda.

If it is true – and even the scientists at CERN admit this – they are opening portals into “other dimensions.” One scientist said that when they successfully open a portal – they have no idea what will come in. I believe that what they have let loose onto the earth are the demons who are responsible for what many people believe is so evil that it’s hard to believe what we see. Those who are older remember a different world – and are shocked at the saturation of wickedness that has taken over our society. What kind of evil can so motivate the masses to murder children and not have conscience bothering them? In fact, they rejoice over their murder. A generation ago our minds wouldn’t have been able to conceive such a nightmare scenario bringing millions of children to their deaths.

What kind of evil has succeeded in persuading our society that perversion is actually “normal?” A generation ago those things were done in secret behind closed doors. Now not only are they done in public, but they parade themselves in the streets without shame. HOW can this generation allow such atrocities – as we see them taking over the minds of our elementary school students and convincing them that all this is normal?

From where has LGBTQ risen? A generation ago this would have been anathema. Now it’s everywhere.

Those who have lived long enough to remember how it was a generation ago, will with one voice agree that “something” has taken over, because this is not normal.

These are the kinds of things older folks notice – the drastic change, the almost incredible change that has taken place, and many would be quick to agree that it’s all demonic. Which leads me – and I’ve watched this for years – to believe that the “something” is demonic spirits that have been loosed upon the earth.

The physicist says that he doesn’t know what will “come across.” I think many of us know exactly what has come across.


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